How to create a Deakin lifelong research email alias

As a student or staff member, when you leave Deakin University your email address is deleted, and you are then no longer able to receive email addressed to your Deakin email address. A similar thing happens when you change from staff member to a student or vice versa: your current email address is deleted and a new email address is created.

The Research Contacts Management Tool (RCMT) allows academic staff and research students to set up a lifelong Deakin “research” email alias that you can provide to your contacts, so that after you leave Deakin, they will still be able to contact you.

You should use your research email alias in publications, at conferences, in your email signature and for any communications with external parties. You are welcome to use this address whilst a current student and after you have graduated.

The specific email alias is of this form:

When you setup the alias, by default it is forwarded to your Deakin email address, and of course can be used while you are still at Deakin. After you leave the University, you will still have access to login to the RCMT (as it does not use a standard Deakin login) to change the email forward to your new email address.

You will be reminded every 6 months to login to the RCMT to keep your alias active.  If you do not act on this reminder, after 30 days, your alias will be deleted.

The alias has no relation to your current Deakin email address, and is just that, an alias. It simply acts as a "Deakin email address" that you can still receive emails and manage after you are no longer at the University. It does not receive or re-direct emails from your current Deakin email address, or store email messages on its own mail server.

For further support, please contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk. You can check the contact numbers and operating hours on the IT Service Desk page.