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If you are a new student, you will need to activate your Deakin username and password before logging on for the first time.

For more information, please visit the following article: Activating your Deakin IT Account

If you are a past student or recently graduated and have lost access to your account (including your Deakin email) please contact the IT Service Desk on 1800 463 888
International number: +61 3 5227 8888.

This article is designed to help you with Deakin's Single Sign-On (SSO) process. Your Deakin username and password give you access to systems such as email, wi-fi, DeakinHub, Callista and StudentConnect.

Table of Contents

Forgotten your username or password?

If you have forgotten your username or password, you will need to reset your password.

Your username will appear in bold once you enter your ID number and Date of Birth correctly and go to the next page.

Your username for new students will likely be in the format of your ID number with an 's' in front e.g; s123456789

Password Reset Tool:


Need to change your password?

Changing your password regularly is good for security and for staff, we will ask you to change it every 18 months. Students do not have this requirement, but it is still good practice. It's important to change your password when we remind you, because if you don't we'll need to disable your account to keep it secure.

It is best practice to use a different password for each of your online accounts. If you have trouble remembering all of your passwords, you can use a password manager to securely store them in one place. Deakin recommends students and staff use LastPass. LastPass not only stores passwords but lets you generate new ones, too.

Knowledge Base Article: LastPass Enterprise – Support Homepage

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - DUO

In an effort to improve cybersecurity and protect the information of our staff and students at Deakin, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is in place when accessing Deakin applications. This is done by using the Duo Mobile App.

Please refer to the Duo Mobile (MFA) – Support Homepage for further information in regards to setting up your device, answering any questions you may have in regards to MFA and Duo, and troubleshooting tips and tricks.

More Information

If you are having issues logging in and the steps above are unable to assist, please contact the IT Service Desk so that we can assist you.

Some systems don't use your Deakin login. Here's who to contact for help with these.

Note: Callista no longer uses separate credentials. If you need to reset your Callista or BRUCE password, please refer to the instructions above to reset your Deakin Single Sign On password.