Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on macOS

Note: Deakin computers are pre-configured with eduroam wireless access, this article is for non-Deakin computers only.


Table of Contents

Connecting to Eduroam using Deakin Setup

  1. Select on the icon in the menu bar

  2. Ensure Wi-Fi is on

  3. Select Deakin Setup

    Open your Wi-Fi toolbit, and connect to "Deakin Setup"

  4. If your computer doesn't automatically open the JoinNow webpage, open a web browser, type OR in the address bar and press enter

  5. Select JoinNow

    Once you are redirected to the Securew2 page, click "JoinNow" to start connecting to Eduroam

  6. The WiFi_Deakin_University_Wrapper.dmg setup file will download to your specified downloads folder

    Please wait as the "WiFi_Deakin_University_Wrapper.dmg" file is downloaded

  7. Open the WiFi_Deakin_University_Wrapper.dmg disk image setup file

    Please navigate to your downloads in Finder and open the "WiFi_Deakin_University_Wrapper.dmg" file

  8. Double click the WiFi_Deakin_University_Wrapper

    Once opened, please open the WiFi_Deakin_University_Wrapper executable file

  9. Select Open

    If prompted about the file, please click "Open"

  10. Enter your Deakin username and password

  11. Select Next

    In the JoinNow program, fill in your Deakin Username (NO, and your Deakin Password

  12. Enter your Mac password in order to make a settings change.

    You will be prompted to fill in your Mac's User Name and Password (Not your Deakin credentials)

  13. Select Next to install the Profile in the System Preferences.

  14. Follow the instructions presented by the system.

  15.  You will get the notification at the top right-hand side corner.

  16. Open the Profiles from the System Preferences and press Install to install the Profile.

  17. Select Install to confirm the installation of the Deakin University Eduroam Profile. 

  18. Select Next to continue the configuration of Eduroam. 

  19. Select Done when the application finishes running through the configuration process

  20. You are now connected to Deakin eduroam


Note:  If you are having troubles connecting to eduroam by following the steps above please follow the instructions below to connect using eduroam.


Connecting to Eduroam

  1. Select Wi-Fi and connect to eduroam

  2. Enter your

  3. Enter your password

How do I remove this setup?

See How do I forget a Wi-Fi network on my personal Mac? to remove this setup.