Duo Mobile (MFA) – Support Homepage

In an effort to improve cybersecurity and protect the information of our staff and students at Deakin, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is in place when accessing Deakin applications. This is done by using the Duo Mobile App.

Please refer to the following links for further information in regard to setting up your device, answering any questions you may have relating to MFA and Duo, as well as troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Experiencing issues when logging in? Visit our MFA self-service portal to obtain a bypass code and login.

Do you have a Staff and a Student account? Click here for more information on registering a second account with DUO. 

If you encounter an error message labelled Bad Message 431, when trying to setup MFA, please clear your browsing data by following the instructions in the article.


Getting Started

Refer to the instructions as follows to get started.


Are you looking to enrol a device with Duo Mobile for MFA?

        Duo Mobile (MFA) – Setup Instructions


Are you a student already registered with DUO SMS and looking to switch to the DUO App?

        Switching from Duo SMS to the Duo Mobile App


Refer to the following articles to troubleshoot issues relating to DUO.


Duo Mobile (MFA) – Troubleshooting

Duo Mobile (MFA) – Requesting a Bypass Code (Passcode)

Duo Mobile (MFA) – Restoring/Re-installing DUO on a new device

Duo Mobile (MFA) – Restoring/Re-installing DUO on existing mobile


Consult the following articles to find answers to questions you may have.

  Frequently Asked Questions

General Information about Duo & MFA

Can I authenticate with Duo mobile overseas?

How to set up MFA to 'remember me for 7 days'

How can I connect to the VPN using MFA?

Deakin's Multi-Factor Authentication Policy

Can I add my student and staff account on DUO?