What are Deakin's password requirements?

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To ensure that your University account remains secure, your password must meet university requirements.

Please remain alert for any suspicious activity and protect your password. The University will never ask you for your personal information via email, SMS, social media or over the phone.

What is the password criteria?

Your password must:

  1. Be a minimum of fifteen (15), and a maximum of thirty (30) characters in length.
  2. When choosing a new password, your new password must be different from your previous five passwords.

If you attempt to use a password you have used before, you will receive an error message that the password requirements criteria have not been met.


Known limitations

While newer systems such as Single Sign-On accept passwords of any length and combination of characters, some systems have limitations on the maximum password length and characters which can be used. The following systems have known limitations:


How can I remember my password but keep it secure?

The easiest way to remember a password and keep it secure is to pick a sentence that reminds you of the password. For example: