Accessing SPSS Statistics

All Deakin staff and students can access SPSS Statistics via Apps and Desktops Anywhere (ADA).

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Install VMware Horizon Client

Apps and Desktops Anywhere requires the VMware Horizon Client. If you are on a Deakin managed workstation, VMware Horizon Client is automatically installed and updated. If you are using your own device, download and install VMware Horizon Client.


Launching SPSS Statistics in VMware Horizon Client

  1. Start at the Apps and Desktops Anywhere portal:

  2. Log in via Single Sign On, using your Deakin username and password. Complete Duo Multi-Factor authentication when prompted.

  3. Click the Log in button on the portal's main landing page.

  4. When your browser prompts to open "VMware Horizon Client," click Open or Allow. For more details, see
  5. In the list of available apps, double-click the SPSS product you wish to use. Apps are sorted alphabetically.
    Hint: You can click the "star" icon to add to your Favorites list.


Launching SPSS Statistics in the Browser

It is strongly recommended that you use ADA-hosted apps through the VMware Horizon Client. However, if you cannot install VMware Horizon Client, you can use SPSS Statistics entirely within your browser. This has limitations, such as copying and pasting content between your device and the remote app, and sharing files between your device and the remote app.

See: Using Apps and Desktops Anywhere in the Web Client


More Information

Opening and Saving Files

When you use the VMware Horizon Client, your home folder on your device appears as Z:\ in Open and Save dialogs. Saving your work to Z:\ saves it to your device.

Your Deakin-hosted network home directory is also connected automatically and visible as H:\ in Open and Save dialogs. Your H:\ can be accessed when using ADA through either the VMware Horizon Client or in your Browser. Files stored in this location can also be accessed from H:\ on any workstation in the on-campus computing laboratories.

See: Accessing your files in Apps and Desktops Anywhere.


If your computer is going to be disconnected from the Deakin network but SPSS Statistics is still required (e.g., when travelling), complete the Licensing SPSS for Off-Campus usage instructions, but only after you have installed SPSS and before you disconnect the computer from the network.

SPSS Statistics is also available to be installed on one privately-owned computer, provided it is used in the primary residence of a staff member. Contact the IT Service Desk to be provided with installation instructions and a license code.



Apps and Desktops Anywhere (ADA) gives all Deakin students access to various computer lab software via the cloud. This allows for access to the software on any internet-connected device, on or off-campus.

You can log in to ADA using your Deakin username and password at If you are using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, you can log in by downloading the VMware Horizon Client app.

To open and save data sets using SPSS in ADA, use the Sharing options in VMware Horizon Client. This makes designated folders on your computer available as network drives within SPSS (and Apps and Desktops Anywhere).


The licensing agreement with IBM excludes the provision of licenses to students enrolled on-campus. However, SPSS is available on all Windows and Mac lab computers located on campus.