Zoom Meetings – Setup Instructions (Personal Windows)

Note: If you have already installed Zoom but are looking to log in, click here for more instructions.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that provides both video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities.

Table of Contents

Installation Instructions

If you're installing for a Deakin-managed Windows PC, follow these instructions instead.

  1. First, please visit the Zoom Download Center and download the Zoom Client for Meetings file.

    You will be prompted to download & run the Zoom file named ZoomInstaller.exe. Follow the prompts.

  2. Once the file has downloaded, Open the downloaded file to proceed.

  3. You may be asked if you trust Zoom to make changes to your system. Click Yes and continue.

    The installer will proceed to install Zoom for you.

  4. Once it has finished installing, Zoom will automatically open.

    If you're looking to Join a Meeting, please skip down to Connecting to a Meeting.

    If this is your first time setting up Zoom and you'd like to sign in, please continue to Signing into Zoom.

Signing Into Zoom

If you're signing in for the first time, follow these instructions.

  1. Click the Sign In button inside the Zoom window. This will take you to the sign in page.

    Please click Sign In with SSO to continue.

  2. In the next page, please enter deakin in the following text field and click Continue.

  3. A new webpage will open, redirecting you to Deakin's Single Sign On (SSO) page. Please enter your Deakin username, and Deakin password to proceed.

  4. After you have signed in, a window will appear saying that This site is trying to open Zoom. Select Open.

  5. Once the sign in is completed, you will be redirected to Zoom's main menu.

Connecting to a Meeting

Zoom is an incredibly easy program to use and customise. Provided you have a meeting invitation, follow these steps to get started.

You can also enter a meeting by simply copying the Meeting ID listed in your email invitation, clicking Join Meeting in the Zoom Main Menu, and pasting the ID into the Enter meeting ID or personal link name field.


  1. If you have Zoom already installed, you can safely click the first link, as annotated in the image below.

  2. You may be prompted with the following window. Click "Open" to continue.

  3. If prompted for a password, please refer to your Meeting Invitation. The password will be located underneath the Meeting ID, or underneath the first hyper-link.

  4. Once you have successfully connected to your meeting you will be brought to the following screen.

    If you have joined a meeting previously simply select Join with Computer Audio.

    If this is your first meeting you can also ensure your microphone and speakers are working by clicking the Test Speaker and Microphone option.

  5. Select the Speaker you wish to use. Ensure you can hear the test ring-tone through the chosen system.

    It is recommended to use a Headset as Speaker.