LastPass Premium – Account Setup Instructions (Students)

LastPass Premium – Account Setup Instructions (Students)

LastPass is a secure password manager that remembers your passwords so you don't have to. With LastPass Premium, you can enjoy everything LastPass has to offer, including unlimited sync across all your devices so you always have your passwords with you.

Deakin University has partnered with LastPass to provide premium subscription to all students.

Account Setup

  1. Log on to Enter your Deakin email (typically and your personal email address and "Submit".


  2. Check your Deakin email account as entered prior, as there will be an email from LastPass prompting you to click on a link provided to "Upgrade my account".

  3. Click on the link in the email and it will invite the user to select either "Create an Account" or "Log In" if they are an existing user.


  4. If you are new to LastPass, click on "Create Your Account" to set up your new LastPass account. Follow "How do I set up a LastPass account" for further assistance.

    If you already have an account, login with your LastPass username and password and click on "Redeem Premium Upgrade" link.

    LastPass log in page

    Authenication page

If you require further assistance, Please Contact IT Service Desk.