How do I get Microsoft Office for free through Deakin University? (Mac)

This offer allows Deakin Students and Staff to install the Office suite onto five computers for free while enrolled or employed at Deakin.

The installation and management of the software is controlled through your Deakin Office 365 account.

To install Microsoft Office 365 your Mac must be using MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. If your MacOS version is 10.10 or earlier, you will need to upgrade your Mac before you can install Microsoft Office 365.

This software will only be available to use during your active Student enrolment or Staff employment at Deakin University. The software downloaded during this period will expire when your enrolment or employment expires.

Downloading and installing Office 365

Office 365 requires Macbooks running OS X 10.15 or higher. If you are running older versions, please select other install options in Step 3


  1. Browse to

  2. Enter your Deakin email address, which will redirect you to Deakin sign on page

  3. Enter your Deakin username and password, then click Sign on

  4. Click on Install Office

  5. Select Office 365 Apps

  6. Click Save Office

  7. The installer file (Setup.def.en.us_Offie365ProPlusRetail.pkg) will download to your Downloads folder.

  8. Once the download has completed, open the installer file to start the install.

  9. Proceed through the guided steps as necessary - You may be prompted for your Mac password during this process.

  10. Click Close once prompted that Office installation has completed.

Activating Office

  1. Open an Office program (e.g. Word, Excel etc).

  2. Select Activate and Sign in.

  3. Enter your Deakin email address and click Next.

    • For Staff -
    • For Students -

  4. Enter your Deakin username and password, then click Sign On.

  5. Choose your theme and click Continue.

  6. Activation complete!