How do I download and install Microsoft 365 Apps? (Windows)

Deakin's Microsoft subscription enables Deakin students and staff to install the Microsoft 365 suite onto five computers for free whilst enrolled/employed at Deakin. The installation and management (licensing) of the software is controlled through your Deakin Microsoft 365 account.

This software will only be available to use during your active student enrolment or staff employment at Deakin University. Once you depart the university, your license will expire and you will need to arrange your own personal subscription.

Make sure that any existing Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 installations are uninstalled from your computer before installing.

Note: These instructions are for installing Microsoft 365 Apps on your personal (BYO) device. Microsoft 365 Apps are pre-installed and automatically updated on all Digital Services-managed computers.

Table of Contents

Installation instructions

  1. Start at the Microsoft 365 Portal:

  2. Microsoft's Sign On screen appears. Enter your Deakin Email Address, then click Next.

    If you're prompted to choose between Work or school account and Personal account, choose Work or school account
  3. At the Deakin Single Sign On panel, enter your Deakin username and password.


  4. Complete Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.
  5. At the Microsoft 365 homepage, click Install Apps and choose Microsoft 365 Apps.


  6. The Setup app is downloaded through your browser's downloads manager.

  7. Click Open file, or Run, depending on the options your browser offers.

  8. If you're only prompted to Save the setup, save it to your Downloads folder. Then run the Setup app from your Downloads folder.

  9. Click Yes in the User Account Control prompt.


    Microsoft 365 installation commences.


    When installation is complete, a notification appears.


  10. click Close on the confirmation window.


  11. Start one of the Microsoft 365 applications, such as Word: click the Start Menu and scroll through the list.
    New apps appear with "New" tag.


Activation instructions

The first time you run one of the Microsoft 365 apps, it may detect an existing account from your Windows or Microsoft Edge sign-ins. You can only use this account if it's a Deakin account. i.e. ending in

If it's a personal email address and not a Deakin account, you cannot use this account to activate Microsoft 365, as it's not associated with Deakin's subscription. You must click Change account.


  1. If prompted for your email address, enter your Deakin email address in the following format:
        Staff: Microsoft 365 may be automatically activated. If not, enter your primary email address

    Entering your personal (non-Deakin) email address will not correctly activate the software.

    If you are not prompted to automatically sign in please click File > Account > Sign-In


  2. At the Deakin Single Sign On panel, enter your Deakin username and password.


  3. Complete Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

  4. Important: Untick the Allow my organization to manage my device. Then click OK.
    If you leave this ticked, you may need to contact Deakin University when you want to make certain changes to your computer.
  5. If prompted with the product license agreement, click 'Accept'.


  6. To confirm the software is activated, start any Microsoft 365 application, and look for your name and Deakin email address in the top right corner of the Document Gallery.

        Student account: Your name appears in all uppercase.
        Staff account: Your name will appear in upper and lowercase based on how it is formatted in the staff directory.


  7. You can also confirm the activation by logging in to the Microsoft 365 Portal, then clicking your account icon (with your initials) in the top right corner, then View account >  Apps & devices > Devices.

  8. To install Microsoft 365 on another computer, follow the above steps while logged onto the machine you would like to install Microsoft 365 on.

  9. You can view all your current installations and deactivate any of them from the Devices menu.


Deactivating organisation management

If you left the Allow my organization to manage my device checkbox ticked during activation, your computer may advise that certain operations are restricted by or require contacting Deakin University. You need to turn off organisational management.

  1. Click the Windows Start button and open the Settings app.

  2. In Settings, search for "Access work or school" and select the resulting option.
  3. Click Disconnect.

  4. Start a Microsoft 365 app, such as Word.
    If you're prompted to activate the suite, follow the Activation instructions above, making sure to turn off the Allow my organization to manage my device option.


Additional Microsoft apps

Other Microsoft apps may also be available to you.