Microsoft Outlook – Deakin Email/Calendar Setup Instructions (macOS)

Deakin Desktop computers are pre-configured with Outlook. These instructions only apply to non-Deakin computers, and assume you already have Office (with Outlook) installed.

These instructions assume you have already installed Office 365 on your Mac computer and have an active internet connection. Note that Outlook 2011 and Outlook 2016 are no longer supported.

  1. Open Outlook by selecting ApplicationsMicrosoft Outlook.

  2. If this is the first time you've opened Outlook, the “Set Up Your Email” window will open automatically. If prompted, choose a look and feel for Office (Colourful or Classic), then Continue. Skip to Step 5 to continue.

  3. If you have previously opened Outlook, select Outlook > Preferences > Accounts.

  4. Click Add Email Account button in the Accounts window, or the "+" symbol to the bottom left of the window.

  5. Enter your Exchange account information, then click Continue.

    Your Deakin email address will differ. If you do not know your email address, it should look something like the following:


  6. After a few moments, you'll be prompted for Exchange account details:

    Method: Select "Username and Password".
    Email Address: Please use your student or staff email address (
    DOMAIN\username or Email: Again, use your student or staff email address (
    Password: your Deakin password (Forgot your password? Use the Password Reset portal here).

  7. Click Add Account.

  8. You will be prompted to sign in via Deakin's Single Sign On (SSO) portal. You may also be required to complete Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via Duo.

    You will be presented with Duo's MFA page if you have MFA enabled (as a staff member, this is default)

  9. After a few moments, your account will be added. Click Done to start working with Outlook or Add Another Account to setup another email address.

  10. The "Accounts" window can now be closed, if it was open.

The configuration is now complete. Your email and other Exchange data will start downloading.

Need further help?

For any further help, contact the IT Service Desk.